RacingSports App Review

Horse racing is a type of equestrian sport that has a long, winding history that has its roots in ancient Greece, Babylon, Syria and Egypt. It was part of the early Olympics, where both chariot and mounted horse racing were major events. Back in the Roman Empire, horse racing were staple industries, while in early Britain, thoroughbred racing has long been considered the “Sport of Kings” because of its popularity with aristocrats and royalties. Centuries later, today horse racing has gained worldwide acceptance and popularity, with the gambling associated with it valued at around $115B.

Horse Racing

As such, with the sport only getting bigger and better, horse racing fans and enthusiasts alike will need all the help they could get if they would want to emerge as one of the sport’s most successful participants. This is where the RacingSports app comes in handy. Published and developed by Racing and Sports, a web company dedicated to all things horse racing, the app allows you to view all important horse racing news, fields, runners, riders, forms, results and videos at the comfort of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Conveniently get race and runner details, including the horse’s name, age, sex, weight, form figures, trainers, jockey, race colors, skills and ratings. Get detailed results for all meetings and races, as well as up-to-date scratchings for all upcoming meetings. All through the RacingSports app. Now, isn’t that convenient?

Adding to the functionalities already present in the app, RacingSports features additional news tidbits about the NRL or National Rugby League, AFL or Australia Rules, Soccer, Golf, and all sorts of motor sports from all around the world. It even features a handful of updated racing and sporting videos that will surely excite your senses.

Free to download at the Apple App Store and with a 4+ rating, the free service includes a news feed of some sort that displays direct news and data from the Racing and Sports website. This, obviously, means you will never miss any important piece of information about your favorite horses and equestrians from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa. This could be a great reference app if ever you’re into full time horseracing betting as to what you have in online stock or forex trading.

Complementing the RacingSports app are the RSNews and Spring Feature Races apps, both published and developed by the same company. RSNews works like a subset of the RacingSports app, providing latest horse racing and other sporting news directly to your iOS device. On the other hand, Spring Feature Races helps out during the crucial Spring Racing in Melbourne, Australia between October and November every year. It provides localized fields, form and news information for all Melbourne Feature Spring races.

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