Not iPhone 5Cheap but instead iPhone 5Costly

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iPhone 5C

Before the iPhone 5C become official, it’s known to be the low-cost iPhone or affordable iPhone with most of the people interpret the ‘C’ on its iPhone 5C moniker to be “cheap”. But apparently we just wish that it’s really cheap, but knowing it will be replacing the iPhone 5 –simply it will be cheaper than iPhone 5S but it’s not cheap.

According to reports, in China the iPhone 5C will be available for 4488 yuan off contract that’s equivalent to $735 as well in Australia the device will be become available for $735. This starting price is still cheaper than iPhone 5S with an off contract price of 5288 yuan or equivalent to $866 in China. iPhone 5C is still cheaper, eh.

Now it seems the ‘C’ in iPhone 5C in widely considered to be ‘costly’ instead of ‘cheap’. While other even interpret ‘C’ as for ‘Cyrus’ and we know you know why. Play a game to see what other people is thinking about the ‘S’ in iPhone 5S and the ‘C’ in iPhone 5C, you can join if you want.

Source: TechInAsia