iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Security Flaw

Apple have just unveiled the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S from the recent event held at San Francisco. There are three main features that were added on the iPhone 5S to have it as the premium version of the new iPhone. First, its 64-bit A7 processor which is claimed to run 2x faster than the previous processor and the first ever architecture to powered smartphone. Second will be its intelligent camera which is highly improved to have all the capabilities of a photographer in a single click, even the dual-LED flash is color temp-adjusting itself depending on lighting conditions. And lastly, the fingerprint scanner which is Apple’s new innovation for improved security, however, apparently a little girl had just found out a security flaw on the iPhone’s newest feature.


The picture above is from Mashable cited a photo of that flaw posted by a user on Reddit with a little girl holding her sleeping father’s thumb over the fingerprint scanner that basically brought the idea of unauthorized access to the iPhone 5S, that easy.

And also, we pointed it out already, what if Apple is storing the fingerprint of each user in its database or server, in contrary the company said that it’s inaccessible from the developer and just stored in the built-in chip of the phone. The fingerprint is another vital information that should not be compromised most importantly that 3D printers can now easily replicate almost anything. Tell us how do you feel at the comment form below.

Source: Mashable via Reddit (Image Credit)