iPhone sales drop by 6.2 million in Q2

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In the wake of upcoming announcement for the next generation of iPhones, with iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C –the current iPhone sales is expected to take a hit, however this time it’s a significant drop according to Digitimes Research.

iPhone 5

It has happened again prior to Q1 sales record this time for Q2 of 2013 iPhone sales were down by 6.2 million which is automatically escalated to the company’s revenue.

In the preparation for the new releases of iPhone, Apple worked with carriers to offer a number of sales and promotions to possibly tend consumers on grabbing an iPhone instead a unit from competitors such Samsung, LG, and other brands. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as consumers seemed to be patient waiting for the new iPhones to be released. And this cost the Cupertino-giant around $18.2 billion iPhone sales revenue.

That’s a considerable amount,but we can expect  record breaking sales number soon as the new iPhones make their ways to consumers not to mention that the Holiday shopping season is fast approaching.

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