Mac Players Can Have it All

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imac_dx10-e1345474636370The online poker gambling industry was, in its early days, much more accessible to PC users than Mac players. Today, though, things have changed in a big way. Mac computers are becoming much more mainstream and the top poker sites on the internet are responding. Right now, there are so many options for Mac online poker players that there may actually be too many! Read on to learn about these new choices you have and find out what to look for when you’re trying to identify just the right ones.

There’s no reason to compromise just because you’re a Mac user. There are online poker sites that have exactly what you’re looking for. The only thing to keep in mind is the fact that there are at least as many sites that really aren’t prepared to offer a premium Mac experience. Your challenge, then, is to make sure that you’re only playing with the top sites, and that’s how we can help you. Explore these top Mac-friendly online poker option, and avoid the most common pitfalls.

If you go to a premium poker site for Mac players right now, you can download and install their Mac-friendly software, enjoy serious amounts of player traffic, and choose from a list that includes just about every poker variety you could hope for. Factor in the integrated graphics and sound effects that are always better in these downloadable versions, and you’ve got a winning combination – no matter what kind of computer you’re using.

Mobile Poker for Mac Players

Mac online poker isn’t just limited to desktops and laptops either. You can finally play real money online poker on your Mac mobile devices like iPhones and iPads! If at first this doesn’t sound like a big opportunity, think again. Instead of being limited by where you can actually play, you’re free to take your game out into the world with you. This opens up all kinds of possibilities like playing at work, on vacation, and even when you just have a few minutes to kill in your everyday routine. Just download the approved app from the App Store, and get started in minutes.

FAQ’s from Mac Poker Players

Even though Apple products are everywhere and Mac poker is finally possible, we still get a lot of questions about getting into the game. That’s why we assembled the most frequently asked Mac online poker questions right here. If you still have unanswered questions, look below and see if your question has already been answered.

How different is Mac poker software?

This is a tricky one because it varies widely from site to site. In the case of fly-by-night operations, for example, you never know what to expect. The Mac software could easily be a quickly thrown together mess. If you stick with the top sites in the business, though, this question is actually pretty straightforward. Any operation that’s really investing in the Mac poker market will make sure that their software is up to the same standards that they have for PC versions. In fact, since Mac versions generally came later, they can take full advantage of all of the experience and insights that had to be earned the hard way when the PC software was released.

What are “instant play” sites?

Instant play sites let you play right in your browser, without downloading anything. It’s so simple that it’s almost like watching a video online. This option is convenient and it lets you play from any operating system, but these no-download platforms are rarely as good as what you can download. Once upon a time, instant play sites were the only option for Mac users – but that’s no longer the case.

Does the Mac version cost more?

No – at least, it shouldn’t. If any site is charging you extra just to play on your Mac, move on to another site ASAP. This should be considered a serious red flag. It is simply not done.

Can I only play against other Mac players?

No – this is a common misconception. As a Mac player, you’ll have access to the same action that PC players do and, in most cases, your game will include players on other operating systems. This is all totally invisible and modern poker software handles it from behind the scenes. This is important because, by allowing this mix, poker sites can maximize their player traffic and offer a better experience for everyone.

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