Run Windows on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 9

If you are on the market for a way to run Windows and other operating systems on your Mac, then look no further as Parallels, the company behind the recently released Parallels Access app that ports your Mac desktop apps to the iPad, just launched the latest version of its virtual machine app, the Parallels Desktop 9.

The latest iteration of the software provides a slew of new features that all-in-all makes running non-Mac software and applications on the platform a very, very easy endeavor to take on. New features included in Parallels Desktop 9 are: full OS X Mavericks support, support for Windows 8.1, ability to use Apple’s Power Nap feature inside the virtual machine and the ability to automate syncing cloud services with the machine.


The Dictionary gesture is also now made available to all Windows applications. A custom keyboard, with editable keyboard shortcuts, enable users achieve a more customized and personal Windows experience. Access to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive was also made easier on the Parallels Desktop 9.

An app-wide functionality to print to PDF on the Mac desktop is now also available, which means even your Windows application does not have a print-to-PDF functionality, you can now easily do so. Lastly, company insiders have highlighted the overall better performance the Parallels Desktop 9 brings to the table compared to its predecessor.

As highlighted by the company’s PR team, the Parallels Desktop 9 boasts of the following performance improvements: 40% better disk performance, 25% faster shut down and suspend cycles, and 15% faster 3D graphics, web browsing and other processor-intensive tasks.

The Parallels Desktop 9 app is set to be available to everybody starting on September 5. If you are already a Parallels Desktop user, you may get the latest version as a$50 upgrade. If you purchased Parallels Desktop 8 on or after August 5, you are eligible for a free upgrade, with the older version getting a discounted price tag of $80 and a $40 student-friendly version.