Space Gray iPad mini 2 leaked

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The craving for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S as well for the iOS 7 have already been on-the-peak for this month, and it seems the tide has been switching to next generations of iPads coming this October. Recent reports pointed to leaked images of the iPad mini 2 in a space gray casing that seemed to be plausible if we are basing from the previous release of iPhone 5S which also carries same hue.


It’s said that the iPad mini 2 along with its larger siblings will be introduced to the world this upcoming October 15th and will be available in space gray color, according to –if you can remember the iPhone 5S and iPod will have this same color. And you can take a trustworthy feel about this leak as well the site seemed to be source for identified reports.

There are no reports if the iPad mini 2 will also have a gold variant like the iPhone 5S, but we can consider that it’ll have most likely that it will be available in space gray. We can expect more leaks to confirm the gold-colored iPad mini 2 as the announcement comes near.


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