Jisoncase Vintage Real Leather Smart Cover for iPad Review

Jison Case for iPad


Nowadays, whenever we buy our favorite gadgets and gizmos, we almost always see to it that we buy a case or protector to go along with it. And with the expensive price tags of those iPads, iPhones and Galaxies, it is really better to protect our beloved electronics from daily wear and tear, not to mention the possibility of accidentally dropping them on the floor or onto a pool of water.

Take for example the father of all tablets, the iPad. With Apple’s bigger tablet offering currently the king of the hill, iPad owners literally have hundreds if not thousands of cases to choose from. In here, fortunately, we zoom-in on the Jisoncase Vintage Real Leather Smart Cover, a relatively new player in the industry although from our early impressions, we deem that the company is very capable and can produce really high quality cases.

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The case we are reviewing today is made of real soft leather that is just stunning and especially fit for those who want a more professional-looking iPad case. It provides an air of class and elegance at the same time, which is something that we could not always say with the other brands we’ve reviewed. I mean, seriously, sporting a leather case for your iPad. How more classy could you get?

Straight from the company’s website, below are a handful of details regarding the product:

    • High quality Genuine Cow Leather
    • Handcrafted with no stitching
    • Designed for the iPad 2, 3 & 4
    • Dimensions are 25cm x 19.5cm x 2.5 cm and weighs 380grams
    • Full edge mount on Top and Bottom edges
    • Curved fit on all edges and corners for full protection
    • Integrated stainless steel mesh protection for speaker
    • Internal lining protects from scratches
    • Integrated 2 position stand function to view/type in different angles
    • Magnetic smart cover design allows wake up and sleep instantly
    • Covered power and volume buttons for better protection
    • Clear access to headphone jack, USB port, camera lens and mute button
    • Available in red, black and brown

In practical use, we found that the Jisoncase for iPad hugs the tablet perfectly, with all ports and grills of the device fitting the case cut-outs perfectly. However, you might be looking for designated cut-out for the power button, but apparently when you hold the hard case you’ll feel a soft part for the power button which will enable you to click it.

Jison Case for iPad

Similar to the Apple Smart Case, the Jisoncase, as the product branding implies, also folds into a triangle and includes magnets for auto sleep/wakeup functionality. The case is able to securely hold the iPad, unlike the other generic and cheap cases out there.

Jison Case for iPad

Usage of the iPad’s speakers is also a bliss, with the audio not suffering from any degradation compared to using the device without a case.

Final Thoughts

From the few weeks we’ve been using the Jisoncase Vintage Real Leather Smart Cover, we could conclude that the case is decently designed and is aesthetically competitive against the big players of the industry. Even with a steep price tag of $94.99, we recommend that buyers seriously consider the case with its premium build quality and sheer elegance. Made for professionals or just those who are just looking for a more upscale case for your really upscale tablet, this one could be the right one for you.

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