How To Protect Your iOS Apps

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iOS Apps

There are tons of iOS apps available at the App Store and apparently, if you’re developing applications you should know how to protect your source code. This will basically protect your software application source code from misuse of a single or number of licensees. There’s a considerable market for app development nowadays, from iOS to Android apps and you should know how to protect your software property.

Making the most of escrow

Most people are aware of the basic premise of escrow, but not everyone uses it. Sometimes this is because they don’t have to but a lot of the time it is because they simply aren’t away of its uses.

To this end, here is a brief look at the beginnings of escrow, traditionally seen in the form of litigation, as well as some of its more modern uses (such as the application of digital property, source codes and hardware).

This will then demonstrate both the range of uses for escrow and the ways in which it can benefit you. Whatever business you run, escrow is something that is proving itself more and more useful in any sector or market.


Perhaps one of the oldest uses of escrow is to help with litigation. Say, for example, you were in some form of legal dispute or litigation. If money was the subject at hand, you would want to present the ability to pay – this shows your reasons for not are purely legal and you’re not using the system to get out of paying something.

The neutral escrow account can hold this money over until such a time as the litigation is over. This litigation escrow is also the basis for other services, working on similar methods which you can read more about here.

Digital property

Of course, the modern world has many more concerns than simply money. When it comes to digital products, nothing is more valuable than source code. This is where source code escrow comes into play.

Source code escrow can withhold the code in question over disputes – in this case, Software as a Service (SaaS) disputes where users can argue their provider has failed to provide a working product and are now fighting to access the source code.

These services also do more to ensure a smooth process, such as Source Code Verification to help determine the validity of what’s at stake. This is just one example of digital escrow open to you by Escrow Associates, yet there are many more to fit a variety of tasks and needs.

Hardware escrow can protect plans and architecture – such as for computer chips and other components – while other information and data accounts can be used.

If you own a website, you can even use registry data to meet ICAAN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) requirements.

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