Gift Guide: Apple Accessories and Gadgets

It’s the season to be jolly, as they say, but no one could be merrier than an Apple fan who is looking forward to their cool gifts. If you’re one of the millions obsessed with your iPhone’s, iPad’s and Macbooks, or if you know someone who is, check out these cool accessories and complementing gadgets for the true Apple geek.

STM Studio for iPad Air

Studio for iPad Air

iPad lovers will be thrilled to receive the Studio for iPad Air designed by STM Bags. For one thing, it’s more than your usual tablet device cover. Made from sturdy polycarbonate and lined with microsuede, this magnetic folding and protective tablet case is one of the best in the market right now. It’s smart magnetic closure system that allows you to choose the most convenient viewing or typing position for your iPad Air. The cover comes in black, red, lime and purple, and sells for $50 normally, but you can grab it at Amazon with 21% savings for just $35.57.

Defender Case

Defender Series Case

Let’s admit it; nothing is as petrifying as dropping your beloved Apple smartphones and hearing its metal casing crash on the floor, road, pavement, and the like. “Defend” your mobile devices from damaging falls through the Defender Series Case for iPhone 5/5S. This rugged, multilayered and high-impact polycarbonate protective case comes with a built in screen guard to protect your iPhone from scrapes and scratches. Built-in memory foam cushions your iPhone inside the case while the rubber outer cover takes in all the shocks from those unwanted drops. It sells for $59.90 normally but you can grab it now for around $43.

Bowers Z2

Bowers & Wilkins Z2

For a sophisticatedly designed speaker that comes at a relatively affordable price, the Bowers & Wilkins Z2 will please Apple loyalists who enjoy filling their living room with tunes from their iPhone. Apart from being a charging dock for your device, it can also play your audio wirelessly through AirPlay, and comes with the Lightning connector for your iPhone and iPod touch. The Z2 sells for $399, quite affordable for such a high-end brand.

OMC Earpods

OMC Earpod

For those who want to answer calls without having to take off their earphones, the OMC Earpod Headphones is the ideal solution. With a built in microphone and remote control for volume, you can seamlessly answer calls from your Apple devices. Plus, the headphones come in a myriad of colors to fit any personality. The OMC EarPod certainly provides high-quality audio for a price as low as $6 due to OMC’s holiday sale.

Jawbone Era

Jawbone Era

Those who prefer their earphones or wireless pieces simply for calling should add the Jawbone Era to their wish list. This Bluetooth headset is perfect for taking in voice calls, but more than anything else, it is jam packed with features that can potentially reinvent the way we view wireless headsets, and usher in a new era (pun not intended. The Jawbone Era comes with a dedicated applications processor, which can transform this small device to anything from a navigation unit or even a device controller. Originally developed for military use, the Jawbone Era can still play your favourite tunes – whether it’s a podcast or a YouTube video – and in HD no less.