iPad Air Component Costs Estimated at $274

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 Here we are again, upon the release of the new iPad Air, IHS Suppli —-the firm known to dismantle popular devices to see how it can easily be torn down and assembled as well to look all its component projecting the quality and its estimated component costs to build, had just released its specs sheet report.

iPad Air Teardown

The firm estimated the iPad Air components to be between $274 and $361 depending on the model which is interestingly $42 off (13-percent) cheaper from the 3rd-gen iPad component estimates. That’s a little bump in the component price considering the greater improvements the iPad Air is offering right now. IHS didn’t perform component cost analysis for the iPad 4 so we are rooting the comparison from iPad 3.

And this estimate is for the components alone, which don’t include the manufacturing, marketing, sales and other costs involved in the product development.

In a report by MacRumors, “The bill of materials includes $90 for the display, $43 for the touchscreen components, $18 for the A7 chip manufactured by Samsung, between $9 and $60 for the Toshiba-made flash memory chips, $10 for the DRAM chips manufactured by Elpida, and $32 for the cellular data network chips made by Qualcomm for the LTE-ready versions of the iPad Air.”

You can check out IHS Suppli report to see the full breakdown of costs to produce the iPad Air.

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