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Earlier this month tech giant Apple unveiled the new iPad Air tablet device. With an improved design, faster processor and powerful camera features, the Air is set to perform well on the consumer market. Boasting a 9.7-inch screen and a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, all in a sleek looking frame that weighs just one pound, the newest Apple release is a significant jump forward from its predecessor.

iPad Air

But with so many tablet devices hitting the shelves this year, how does the iPad Air compare to the competition?

With a price tag of £399, the Air is at the higher range of the tablet market. Marking the first significant redesign of the iPad since 2010, the Air has a fantastic high-resolution display which, coupled with the 800,000 active apps in the App Store and full access to secure gaming for apple devices, makes it the ideal device for a full gaming experience.

Another tablet that should catch the eye of keen players is the Google Nexus 10. At £319, it is cheaper than the iPad Air. The 10-inch device offers a high-resolution screen and access to Google’s Play Store. Running on the latest Android operating system, the Nexus 10 delivers a smooth and fast service. However, the Air has a longer battery life than the Nexus 10 and is 0.33 pounds lighter, making it better for longer periods of play.

At £370, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z is a rival on the premium tablet market. With an elegant design, large amounts of storage and sharp looking display, the Xperia Tablet Z keeps in line with the Air. The Sony tablet does have one advantage over the new iPad release, other than a slightly cheaper price though. The waterproof exterior makes it the number one choice for buyers who want a tough but attractive looking device.

Microsoft’s offering in the competition comes in the form of the Surface 2 tablet. The 10.6-inch device has a 1,920 x 1,080-resolution screen and powerful ARM processor. Although the full Microsoft Office Suite makes this a good choice for professional users, the Surface 2 is restricted to Windows Store Apps, with only around 100,000 titles available. It is also unable to run full desktop Windows applications.

Finally, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX steps into the ring as one of Amazon’s two newest tablet releases. With an incredible 2,560 x 1,600-resolution display, the 8.9-inch screen is clearer and crisper than the Air’s. The battery life runs for 11 hours and includes a HD front-facing camera, which more than justifies the £329 price tag. Where this tablet falls down though is the lack of available apps. The Kindle Fire HDX runs in Amazon’s own Fire OS variant, which means users have no access to Google Play or the 850,000 standard Android apps. Instead, the tablet is limited only to Amazon’s own app store, which has only around 75,000 titles.

Although tablet buyers may find more affordable tablets on the market to suit their specific needs, Apple’s iPad Air seems to offer an unrivalled all-round user experience, which has yet to be matched.

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