Sponsored Video: Metlife’s iOS Apps

Accidents, illnesses and deaths are all but part of human life. It doesn’t matter how much we try to keep ourselves healthy, or stay away from danger. Bad things happen, and more often than not, bad things happen when we least expect them.

That is why companies such as MetLife exists. For those who do not recognize them, MetLife is one of the largest global providers of insurance, annuities and employee benefits. They currently operate in 60 countries, and has approximately 90 million customers worldwide. MetLife was founded in 1868 and has net revenue of $52.72 billion in 2010.

Given such expanse, MetLife has the responsibility to continuously innovate their services and provide security to all of its customers. Starting a career in this innovative and world-known company will surely enhance one’s skills and competitiveness. Not to mention, the company’s growth worldwide and its amazing contributions to technological advancements. Check out the above video, a call for applicants for IT positions from diverse backgrounds to better serve their over 90 million customers across the globe.

Yes, bad things happen, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to at least ease the pain and problems that comes along with them. As such, MetLife, in the past few months, have developed a slew of mobile applications, both for iOS and Android, to leverage today’s high technology in delivering value to their clients. Here we talk about their iOS apps, and how they could be of help to you.

MetLife Infinity

Metlife Infinity

Maybe one of the advantages of today’s digital media is the capability to store them for years and decades without necessarily degrading their quality. MetLife takes advantage of this through MetLife Infinity. The app helps you make a memorabilia collection that you can share to your loved ones, should, you know, shit happen.

MetLife Infinity allows users to pick, design and share photo and video collections using their easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Afterwards, users are then given three delivery options: Release Today, Specify a Date and Account Inactive.

Do you want to share your digital collection to your loved ones today? Whether you feel that something bad will be happening to you soon, or just wanted to share memories with loved ones, the Release Today option is for you. If, however, you want to specifically set a date when you should share your collection, Specify a Date is the one for you. The option allows your MetLife Infinity account to share your collection on a set date and time, while at the same enabling you to update your collection as much as you want until the scheduled release date. Lastly, the Account Inactive option allows the release of your collection once your account is flagged as inactive. Using such option needs a separate trusted delegate that flags your account as inactive. After doing so, the app then releases all scheduled collections to their respective recipients.

MetLife Pocket Pass


Fans of the New York Giants and/or the New York Jets should start rejoicing now, as MetLife, the company behind (duh) MetLife Stadium, offers the MetLife Pocket Pass app. The said app allows users to win fabulous prizes such as VIP meet & greets, ticket and sideline passes, and autgraphed football fear. Additional features include challenges such as Giants/Jets Trivia, GameTime Face and Coin Toss Prediction that will surely keep you entertained before and after each games.

MetLife US


For MetLife customers in the US, the MetLife US app is a great addition to your iOS device. It allows users to securely access their respective MetLife accounts at the convenience of your mobile phone. Auto accidents reporting, bills payment, dentist search, quotations generation and policy overviews are just a handful of the app’s features.

MetLife Expat

Metlife iOS Apps

For frequent travelers, the MetLife Expat is the best companion for your MetLife US app. For existing customers, the app allows you to securely access your own account in different languages, all using your very own eBenefits user ID. Add the functionality to view your ID card and find your local MetLife provider and you have a great insurance travel companion to take on your every trip.

This post is sponsored by Metlife. *Source: MetLife.com, FORTUNE 500 ® and MetLife is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.