Spreadsheets App Track Your Performance In Bed

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We truly live in a social media age. Apart from the onslaught of new gadgets and devices, mobile applications are swiftly transforming the way we live. From travel apps that guide tourists to find the best gastronomic hunts in a foreign land, to photo-editing software that makes it easy to share anything to the world, mobile applications are becoming part and parcel of modern life. So it is no surprise to finally see an app that, quite frankly, enters the bedroom and tracks your sexual performance.

Spreadsheets Apps

Yes, you read that right. There is now a mobile app that evaluates your intimate performance in bed.

Spreadsheets, as its website explains, is “a mobile app that monitors your performance in bed to provide statistical and historical feedback.” But how exactly does the technology behind the application measure your coital pleasures? Basically, Spreadsheets uses a simple way of collecting data during your sex escapades: open the app and let it monitor the movement and audio levels during sex through the use of your phone’s microphone and the app’s accelerometer. The two then collect the data and provide you with a visual and statistical analysis of your performance. Creating a logical-data point from subjective information allows the app to provide a reliable feedback through easy-to-understand infographics.

For those worrying about privacy, Spreadsheets has reassured users that data is securely stored on your mobile device. And if you trust the developers enough, you’re also reassured that your statistics are never relayed or synced to the Internet – a nice fact considering the recent privacy hiccups which has plagued tech and internet giants in recent news.

The developers of the mobile app have also explained that Spreadsheets does not record or playback the audio or video taken during your time in the bedroom. It simply uses it once to provide the information you need of how good – or bad – you are in bed.

Those who think the app is useless might be wrong. For starters, women who are trying to get pregnant may find the data useful when presented to their physicians. Nutritionists and health enthusiasts may also use the data from Spreadsheets to track how many calories are burned, how much stamina they possess, and for the men who want to boast, how many thrusts you average per minute. You can also track just how long you last in bed – keeping a historical record of your averages, your peak performances, or simple aggregated data that may help you perform better with your partner the next time around.

Apart from collecting data, you can also use Spreadsheets to plan your next intimate escapade. Having your other escapades recorded, looking back is easy especially if you’re the competitive kind who wants to exceed your most recent peak performance.

Spreadsheets cost $1.99, and you can download the mobile app from the iTunes app store. The app is only available for those 17 years and above, for obvious reasons. According to the developers, the app can be basically be used anywhere, although they recommend users to consult their partners so they would mutually agree on the use of Spreadsheets.

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