Best Free iOS Apps of 2013 (Part 1 of 3)

Now that the year is almost over, it is but customary for us Apple fans to take a look at this year’s best free apps to celebrate the greatest bargains available at the Apple App Store for 2013. With literally hundreds of thousands of apps freely available for iPhones, iPads and iPods today, we pick the best in social networking, travel, news, photography and productivity to help you catch up with what the year had to offer.


Adobe Photoshop Express

For quick and easy photo editing, Adobe’s iOS version, albeit stripped down, Photoshop Express is a great tool. It is very easy to use and is very handy when cropping, straightening and adjusting exposure and color effects of photos before uploading them to Facebook or Instagram. Dictionary & Thesaurus

Having over two million definitions, synonyms and antonyms readily available offline, this free dictionary app from is great and should always be kept on your iOS device for quick and easy reference. 


Cloud computing and file storage has been quite “in” recently, and one of the more successful apps in this category is Dropbox. It is very intuitive to use compared to the competition, and it works well on a lot of other platforms ensuring compatibility with a lot of other devices.


Similar to Dropbox, Evernote makes clever use of today’s cloud technology and uses it to let you store and access your documents, notes and photos virtually anywhere with a computer or mobile device. The iOS version is lightweight and efficient, enabling users to rapidly scan and create notes on the fly.


Social media king Facebook’s iOS app offers an integrated and highly functional experience to the full desktop version of the service, enabling users access to contacts, feeds, and other important features of Facebook. By focusing on its more essential aspects, the iOS version of Facebook overall gives a more refined and to some extent, more superior overall user experience.

Google Earth

Want to hold the world on the palm of your hand? Well, Google Earth might be the closest you’ll get from accomplishing such feat. The app enables users to fly across the planet with just a swipe of a finger, and complements well the company’s Google Maps in appreciating what the world has to ffer.


Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket allows users to save pages from any website for reading later. This is especially useful when you are not on an unlimited data plan or if you just a simple, ad-free reading experience at your own convenience.


Very simple and fun to use, Shazam is a great app for those who love music but are bad with memorizing song titles. Can’t remember the title of the track you’re playing? Just run the app, put your iOS device near the speaker, and it will automatically determine the song title artist and album art. It will even prompt you if you want to buy the track in the iTunes store.


With the advent of new messaging and calling apps today, Skype still reigns king for those looking for just a simple and cost-effective solution to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones leaving hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Best of all, it is available in a number of different platforms including PCs, further expanding its market reach compared to its competitors.