The New iPad’s Beginner Guide

If ever Santa left you a new iPad under the Christmas tree then you read on this post to get you started with your new Apple slate. The good guys at Mashable had just published a beginner’s guide on how you can setup, the must-haves for apps and accessories as well on how you can fully utilize the tablet.

iPad Air

For the setup, it’s pretty straight forward like asking you the language, country, WiFi network and turning on your location services. For the apps, we have just published an article for the best free iOS apps of 2013 for you to start with, but mostly the new iPad is a gift for casual gaming and productivity. You can also check some of the accessories best suited for the new iPad.

Now that would be a great intro before you hit the read on link below, stay tuned as we watch over great accessories for the new iPad in the upcoming CES 2014.

Read on: Mashable