Mophie iPhone 5/5S Battery Pack Case With Built-in Memory

At CES 2014, we’ve seen several ultra-portable devices like the D-Link’s router-charger and ZTE’s projector hotspot which is both minimalist and techie. This is something that Mophie keeps on improving with their latest case called “space pack“. From its moniker, you can easily unwrap that from being just a protective case and battery pack in one, the company added a new feature which is an extended memory storage for your iPhone 5/5S a considerable up to 32GB capacity.

Mophie Space Pack

If you’ve been using iPhone for quite awhile now, you’d know that there’s no memory slot extension and they’re sold in fixed memory sizes i.e. 16GB or 32GB, which makes the Mophie Space Pack a good accessories. It can power your iPhone for another full charge or 100% extra battery with choice of 16GB or 32GB of extra storage housed in a sleek, lightweight protective case.

The Space Pack will be paired with the Space App to “manage and organize what is in the space pack’s storage, share files, and access things that you wouldn’t normally be able to save locally on your iPhone.”

The Mophie Space Pack is now available for pre-order in with shipping slated by March 2014.