Must Have iOS Gaming Apps For Your New iPhone

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If you were lucky enough to pick up an iPhone this Christmas, then you’ll no doubt be wanting to download all the latest apps. The App Store is like a labyrinth with over 260,000 great games and entertainment apps, so it will leave you not quite knowing where to start.

Luckily for you, we’re running down the top five games to download to your new device, and give it the gaming attention it thoroughly deserves.


Ridiculous Fishing

Recently named Game of the Year by Apple, Ridiculous Fishing is a simple game that is more than a little addictive. Unlike traditional fishing you will encounter all sorts of tropical marine life, as well as using all sorts of tools including a bowling ball, and the most expensive hairdryer in the world.

Cast your rod into the deep waters before manoeuvring your line back up and firing your catches high into the sky.


Full Tilt Rush Poker

Some people compare the adrenaline rush of poker is like jumping out of an aeroplane or driving a Formula 1 car. So when we heard about Full Tilt’s Rush Poker we were intrigued. It’s fast, it’s furious, and although we’ve never done any diving out of planes, we can see the comparisons.

Rush Poker has a great range of games including Sit & Go’s, tournaments, as well as both Hold’em and Omaha games. It’s perfect for a long session of an evening or a few minutes on the bus to work.


Impossible Road

Possibly the most addictive game of the year, Impossible Road is incredibly simple but is the virtual nicotine of mobile gaming. They don’t sell Impossible Road patches, but that’s ok, because you’ll never want to give it up.

Guiding a ball round a long, winding track in outer space you score points for every checkpoint you pass, and complimented by sharp, crisp visuals it’s comfortably one of the games of the year.


Year Walk

Year Walk is another critically acclaimed masterpiece. Unlike any other game on the market, you must solve puzzles in the heart of Swedish woodland. Set in the 19th century you must solve clues and cryptic puzzles to foresee into the future and discover if your loved one loves you back.

Unlike most games in the App Store, this game has an experience, a flavour, rather than a throwaway few minutes on the train, and is a must download.


Cut The Rope: Time Travel

In stark contrast Cut The Rope is perfect for a throwaway few minutes on the commute to work. It offers a bright and vibrant interface and easy gameplay. Joining Om Nom, a little green monster you must travel on a quest through time, cutting the rope across the Middle Ages, and even the Disco Era.

The game is fun, innocent, and will no doubt have you downloading the rest of the series.

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