Most Realistic iWatch Concept

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This year might be a year for wearable devices, which has been evident from the recent Consumers Electronics Show (CES 2014) where most known manufacturers introduced their flagship wearable device. It has been awhile now since we heard that Apple is cooking an iWatch on its design lab but until now, the Cupertino-giant has been in secrecy if its bet on the wearable segment will ever come to life. For the meantime, let just further excites ourselves with this latest animated concept, that so far the most realistic we’ve seen –as per Apple-ish design perspective.

This iWatch concept was designed by San Francisco-based professional interface designer Todd Hamilton, a sleek and minimalist arm-band design running iOS 7 interface.

“It was an impressive concept that got a lot of people excited including myself,” Hamilton wrote ina blog post accompanying the video. “However, it had a major flaw: The orientation of the interface made it impossible to use…I wanted to retain a slim form factor like the FuelBand and incorporate familiar UI components from iOS 7.”

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