iPhone 6 to sports interchangeable lenses?

Smartphones have been slowly taking over significant slice of the digital camera market share as these devices now sports high-end camera capabilities. To get you started, this week T3.com reported that the next generation iPhone 6 could feature interchangeable lenses.

iPhone 6

Chinese-language IT168 cites that the iPhone 6 will come sporting a 10-megapixel sensor with low-light lowing f1.8 aperture and interchangeable “resis” lenses. The resin lenses will be created from ARTON which relates to Japanese company JSR to provide the lenses from this resin according to the report. T3.com also mentioned JSR’s marketing material to feature the lenses optical superiority and stability for mobile applications.

Furthermore, the IT168 report was quoting supply chain sources in Taiwan.

In relation, Apple was recently granted two patents for interchangeable lenses for the iPhone though we see that this technology is to young to make it into iPhone 6.

Apple is expected to unveil the next Apple”s flagship iPhone 6 later this year, T3 added.