iOS 7.1 makes iPhone 4 faster but not as fast as iOS 6

Earlier this week Apple releases iOS 7.1 that includes number of improvements but demographic shows that it’s a significant enhancements for iPhone 4 owners. The latest version of the iOS considerably improves the performance of the iPhone 4 but apparently not to the level of iOS 6.

iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1

Ars Technica compared the launch times of several built-in apps between iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0 and iOS 6.1.3 to further look on the performance of the new iOS version with iPhone 4. The results shows that the iPhone 4’s speed running iOS 7.1 is significantly faster but still far from the iOS 6.1.3. In the examination, when the camera app was launched from iOS 7.0 took 2.63 seconds but only took 2.2 seconds in iOS 7.1 however, still this is far from the 1.9 seconds recorded for iOS 6.1.3. All through their comparisons, iOS 6 won the performance test.

According to Ars, the faster performance and added responsiveness of the iOS 7.1 was mainly because of the animations that makes the app appears zooming when launched. The animations have been accelerated and users can switch these motions speed as well the type from zoom to fade-in/fade-out —-but the load speed isn’t affected.

In iOS 7.1, those animations have been accelerated, so apps load just as fast as before. Users can still switch a setting the “reduce motion,” which changes the “zoom” to something more like a fade-in/fade-out effect, but the load time is unaffected.

If you’re currently as owner of iPhone 4 and have just done updating it to iOS 7.1, let us know your experience at the comment form below.

Check out also all the new features of iOS 7.1 at the video below via Mashable.