RoboCop Game App Review

The iconic 1987 movie RoboCop had just been rebooted early this year with Alex Murphy set ahead in Detroit at 2028. The storyline runs when Alex was critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. The movie was currently rated 6.7 at IMDb, for its interesting and smart look on current reality in politics and rashness in corporate leaders. Now to even lure viewers they’ve created a game app, which is normal nowadays –knowing the impact of mobile statistics. Check out our rundown on how you can play and what we’ve experienced so far on playing the RoboCop game app for iPhone and iPad.


At the settings page, you view several information about the game and you can also adjust the sound, music, sensitivity and notifications within the game.


There’s also a feature called bank, which you can buy the virtual gold or even grab them for free by watching a video.




At the current version of the game there are 5 tiers, in which you can progress through Challenge, Escalation and OCP missions. Some other missions are also added from tier 1 to tier 5 in which it’ll require different weapons that you need to have and upgrade per missions requirements.


There’s a suit page where you can select from Suit 1.0 to 3.0 or buy Suit 2.1 or 2.2.


There are also special game packs or you can also buy drones to help you on your missions.


There’s also a leaderboard, achievement and challenges dashboard which you can access to see your progress in the game.


You can also upgrade the weapons, just like upgrading the suit.

There’s also a weapon shop, when you can easily select SMGs, Shotguns, Railguns, Plasmaguns and Miniguns.







Here’s RoboCop when wearing the Suit 3.0.



At Suit 1.0 level 39, you’ll have an automatic upgrade to Suit 3.0, for much advance defense and health upgrade.


You’ll start with Suit 1.0 for the game, then when you progress to higher level you’ll have the Suit 3.0 but you can buy the Suit 2.1 and 2.2 by Gold, RoboCop’s virtual currency. IMG_2597

During combat, you need to hide on barrier which can be destroyed by the opponents if you don’t shoot them. You can also destroy their barrier, have the car or fuel barrel blasted to kill the opponents, which be a normal goons, robots which holds different weapons to hurt RoboCop in the game.


Once your barrier is destroyed, you can move to other side to hide just by clicking the arrow, left or right at the side of the screen.


When the mission is done, you’d see a “mission complete” flash on the screen as well, the robotic voice “thank you for your cooperation.”

Final Thoughts

I’ve been playing this game up until now and currently halfway from Tier 4, and I’m still interested specially if you need to pass through each mission with great challenges –that’s when you’re not buying the game’s virtual gold currency. The recommendations section of the game is true enough when it suggest that it’ll be hard for you to pass through the challenge, so all you need to do is just play through to earn money to upgrade your suit and weapons. So it’s basically challenging to play. The controls and graphics are pretty cool not to mention how snappy it’s on iPhone and iPad. If you’re playing Deer Hunter which is another Glu’s game you can easily get it going with RoboCop. This game is highly recommended for RPG-shooting casual gamer, you can download the game in the App Store for free.