Stunning iPhone 6 Concept

 The iPhone 6 on its normal turn for this year is just few months away, and so far we’ve heard rumors that were visually beautifully translated into concept design. In that sense, Apple is said prepping a larger version of iPhone and might have both 4.7 and 5.5-inch devices that will bridge the gap between the current 4-incher iPhone and 7.9-incher iPad mini.


This stunning concept design was done by designer Federico Ciccarese and seemed to be the closest we’ve seen so far that perfectly fit to the rumored larger size versus the existing design of the iPhone.

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The concept design mirror a sleeker, larger and thinner which featured an aluminum back panel accentuated by a white Apple logo.

Now I don’t know if only us, but it feels the design seemed to be HTC-ish, reminiscing the HTC One. Don’t you think so? Let us know how do you fee at the comment form below.