Watch How Apple CarPlay Works

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Apple CarPlay is the newly announced infotainment system from the Cupertino-giant, and that’s out of the normal “i”-ish moniker we know for Apple products. Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari are the initial automaker partners which have all released demonstration videos of the system on how it works, perfectly timed for the International Geneva Motor Show. Watch the three demo videos after the break and let us know how do you feel about them.

Here’s Mercedes-Benz demo of Apple CarPlay, during the pre-recorded video which mainly focuses on the voice control features of the infotainment system. And we are talking about Siri’s utilization in the CarPlay with navigation and mobile integration.

Ferrari’s demo video show off the CarPlay at its most interactive and realistic presentation. Showing how responsive the system like a snappy iPhone, which makes sense on the iPhone to dashboard transition.

And if we are talking about Apple genius marketing presentations, it seemed Volvo has interpreted an Apple product very well. There’s not much operational information in the video however, it shows off the magnificent design of the system at mainstream level —-enough to excite non- and fanboy to check out CarPlay.

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