Free iOS Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Our day-to-day lives are becoming more and more hectic, as we try to balance work, socialising, entertainment and a stack of other commitments on top of that. Luckily, our smartphones offer us a whole host of apps, which can help to relieve the burden.

Let your handy little device do some of the work with these fantastic free apps, guaranteed to make your life that little bit easier.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid

Keeping track of your finances can often be a struggle, and overspending inevitably induces heaps of stress. Instead of plotting out numbers on piles of paper, simply download the Easy Envelope Budget Aid app and avoid a budget-busting crisis. Break down each area of your spending and get an easy visual snapshot of how well you are doing. It will even show you where you’re splashing out, and suggest how long to stop spending in order to get back in the red.

Free Bets

If you enjoy a little flutter online but find yourself dipping too deep into your pockets, then the Free Bets iOS app will have you covered. The app delivers the best free bets and current offers from all the leading bookmakers straight to your fingertips, as well as unmissable free bonuses from online casinos. On top of that, sports experts will give you daily tips on football, golf and horse racing to make sure you get the best advice when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is.


Our smartphones are quickly becoming our go-to devices for keeping us organised and up to date. Gone are the old diaries and calendars that tracked all our meetings and social hangouts. Now our iPhones do it all for us. If you find yourself always running from one place to another, then download the Cal app. This aesthetically pleasing calendar will help you keep on top of all your plans, while integrated functions pull in your social media contacts for fuss free planning.


This app is an ideal choice for avid readers who don’t want to browse through the magazine shelves. Flipboard is your own personal publication, allowing you to select your topics of interest and access your tailored content at just a click of a button. Select your favourite subjects or publications, as well as the social media accounts, blogs and websites that spark your interest, then get reading to your heart’s content. It’s a great way to stay entertained on your morning commute, while still travelling light.

Find my iPhone

Misplacing your iPhone is never fun and, more worryingly, smartphone thefts are on the rise. Our phones are precious to us, so having a safeguard in place to help us get it back in our pocket only makes sense. Avoid the unnecessary worry by installing the free Find my iPhone app. Then all you have to do is enter your Apple ID and if your phone ever goes missing, you can use another Apple device to track it down. If you’ve misplaced it nearby then the app will allow you to play a sound to help you find it faster. If you find out that a thief has their hands on it, then you can protect yourself by wiping all your data from the device.