iWatch with UV light sensor coming Q3 2014

We are familiar with iPhone 6 rumor mill, but if the iWatch will be coming on the same period, there’s no doubt that this will be a very exciting year for fanboys. According from DigiTimes, the iWatch will release in Q3 2014 and the Cupertino-giant is aiming for a massive 65 million sales for 2014 alone. In addition, the tech company has chosen Quanta Computer as the manufacturer for the iWatch, with the components like the touchscreen from TPK, Apple-designed processor and production outsourced to Samsung.


Furthermore, new rumors about iWatch could feature a built-in UV light sensor has been in the circulation. That sensor would allow its users to monitor UV exposure and then makes warning for potential sunburn —-somehow, a great features for outdoor watches from Suunto or ProTrek. Silicon Labs is reported to be the sensor manufacturer. The company announced the UV sensor in February where it packs UV index sensor with added capabilities like heart rate monitoring, pulse, blood oximetry, and gesture control using infrared and ambient light. And behold, all this functionality are just housed in 2mm square chip.

With the details coming in from known sources, we can slowly figure out what will be or how it’ll look like before it became an official Apple smartwatch.

Source: Apple Insider