Larger iPhone 6 revealed by manufacturing mold

We’ve just entered the 2Q of this year and it means that we are nearing the introduction of the most anticipated next generation of iPhone. The rumor mill has started grinding some clues to reveal the fanboy smartphone prematurely from its official debut. And the trend for this annual introduction hadn’t changed and we can expect more leaks as we near the Apple’s dedicated event and early this week, another iPhone 6 leak surfaces with a manufacturing  mold that is said to be used in the next-gen iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Mold

If we are to measure the edges of the mold with reference to the box size, it would be 138mm long and 64mm wide which would give the rumored 4.7-inch display while the base would be estimated to be 123mm long x 58mm wide. This makes sense if we are about to think the bezel to be with angled edges, somehow like the iPad mini with rounded angled aluminum bezel.

Check out the photo above and let us know how do you feel about the leaked manufacturing mold. We can still consider that the next generation iPhone 6 would be release into to two sizes with variant of a regular and phablet -sized device, as rumored.