Apple’s Most Believable Larger iPhone 6 Surfaced [Photos]


The iPhone 6 is rumored to be officially unveiled on August but the rumor mill is now almost filled with renders and mock-ups that you’ll get yourself into trouble to figure out which ones are real and which are just purely creative imagination. And today, Mos Coatover a Taiwanese website have just posted a set of images that demand the right attention, as it could be the most believable photos of supposedly larger 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Photo Gallery

If you can remember, these images are same with the iPhone 6 fared with iPhone 5S and the silver iPhone 6 that was leaked earlier. These leaks shows off larger display and thinner design, when put up against the iPhone 5S.

The supposedly iPhone 6 also featured rounded edges and corners, much like of the design we’ve seen on the latest iPad. The touch ID home button is also there with gold border accent.

However, without a video or photo to prove that it’s working on iOS we may assume that this is a dummy unit which means not operational, though these sets of images told us that it’s not photoshopped as it has been photographed at street and office settings.

Check out our gallery and let us know how do you feel about these new sets of larger iPhone 6.