iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s [Photos]

The supposedly iPhone 6 dummy that we’ve just posted earlier had just made into massive appearance with a leaked gallery of images comparing its larger and redesigned body with the current iPhone 5s. When looking into the leaked images, it’s obvious that the iPhone 6 mock-up is larger and probably working with a 4.7-inch display as previously rumored.

Image Gallery

Reports told that the images shown off were a new iPod touch model, however, it’s certainly a disappearing market if we are to base how iPods are cashing for Apple on their earning reports. In the end, it’s still make sense that this dummy unit is the next generation iPhone 6.


If this will be the new iPhone 6, the design seemed to be derived from the current iPad and iPod models with shape and camera, respectively. However, looking at the main camera we are missing the dual-LED flash —-somehow, you may attribute that this can be the cheaper version or iPhone 6c.


Furthermore, it has a 4.7-inch display with 2048 x 1536 pixels with approximately 544.68 PPI making this next-gen iPhone to be one of devices to have the sharpest displays in the world. This is based from the current pixel density of the iPad mini, just if Apple will retain same display pixels across multiple devices maybe just to make all apps easily compatible to any iDevices.

It seemed that this device has been created from existing rumors that we can definitely take a grain of salt, but it may brought out a new device, a new iPod or the most anticipated iPhone 6.

Source: Macitynet