Apple’s iWatch specs, price and release date

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The Cupertino-giant Apple has been teasing for “exciting new product categories” this year, ever you could think of other products rather than the bigger iPhone 6, it’s a no brainer that it could be the most anticipated wearable, yes, the Apple iWatch. And the company have already trademarked the ‘iWatch’ name worldwide, for you to know that the smartwatch is coming. Apple is still mum of the details but the iWatch is expected to be revealed in Q3 and “has hired approximately 100 people — including designers, fashion, health and engineering experts — in order to work on products including and related to the iWatch.”


Apple’s iWatch roundup:

  • 1.3 – 2.5 inch display – Report says the iWatch will be launched in various sizes, probably in order to reach the widest range of consumers and tastes possible.
  • Biometrics, sensors – Wall Street Journal says that the iWatch will include over ten sensors which will monitor various environmental elements including fitness and health.
  • Emphasis on fitness and health monitoring
  • Wireless charging – Reuters, citing sources familiar with the product. The watch face is also expected to protrude slightly from the band to create an arch shape, and it will reportedly include a touch interface and wireless charging.
  • Tailored — but full — iOS, mobile partnering – iOS 8 is believed to have been designed with an iWatch in mind — especially considering its emphasis on fitness apps and health.┬áJapanese publication Nikkei reports that the device will host the iOS 8 operating system.
  • Manufacture from July; potential Q3 shipping date – Reuters claims that Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta has been slated to produce the device in July — sources speaking to the Economic Daily News in agreement — with shipment scheduled in October this year.

Now if you’re asking where is the innovation if Apple will just throw an iWatch in the bandwagon of wearables which has been there for quite a while now. There’s also a tight competition from Samsung, LG, Sony, Google and Nike on this category –but if you can remember how they redefined the tablet market with an iPad maybe they can just repeat it with the iWatch.

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