The Gaming Statistics of the Apple App Store

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Mobile analytics firm Statista have just posted some of the most fresh data to how the Apple App Store and the iOS apps has managed to dominate the digital distribution for mobile apps market.


There are more than 75 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store, which offers more than 1.2 million apps to iOS users as of June 2014. On the other end, Google Play Android app store downloads recorded more than 50 billion on its latest stats. Considerably, Google Play managed to grab strong gains last year, though it’s not enough to surpass Apple’s App Store record revenue –not to mention, other prominent app stores such as the Amazon Appstore, Blackberry World and Windows Phone Store.

Global mobile app downloads are estimated to flourish to whooping 268 billion in 2017 with significant number of free app downloads to surpass 253 billion in 2017. And if you’re thinking about the revenue yet to be generated from these app downloads, well, it’s estimated to pocket 76 billion U.S. dollars in global app revenue, which is up 18.56 billion U.S. dollars in 2012.


From the said gigantic revenue figures, it’s important how companies and app developers utilizes the data analytics to target their specific audience in their business or more profitable apps in terms of categories, per se in the Apple App Store the “Games” -related apps tops June 2014 statistics. So you might be thinking, why real gaming platforms such as online casino uk ventures in app development. There are about 19% share for the most popular categories and about 32% of the casual gamers’ time spent for iOS and Android apps were at stake for a possible mobile gains and exposure. How easy it would be to generate revenue on this type of platform when players can play almost anywhere?




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