iPhone 6 supposedly on its final build leaked

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iPhone 6

And we are approaching the month where the new breed of iPhone will be officially unveiled and if the claim of a new tipster from the Chinese supply chain, these leaked photos shown featured the iPhone 6 on its final build.


From the previous rumor mill that surrounds the iPhone 6, these photos shows off same details that includes: larger and has the iPad form factor with antennae cutouts adorn the far top and bottom, home button with Touch ID and the volume/power button sit on either side. There’s also a sneak peek inside through its back cover layout which shows slim speaker cutout up top, only this time the camera sits next to it, not above –but overall it’s same as expected.

One of the interesting details here could be the cutout Apple logo which hints the NFC capabilities of the upcoming iPhone 6 could be true, this cutout would give way to an IR signal.

Unfortunately, there’s only one thing that is missing on this claimed final build of iPhone 6, why there are no photos of it working or running the iOS 8? So for now, though it’s claimed to be from a credible sources, you can still sprinkle some salt on this said final build of iPhone 6.

Source: MacFixIt(Image Credit)

  1. well they can no longer claim that they never really wanted a bigger phone