Roulette 3D App Review



Roulette is a popular casino table game that is enjoyed at both traditional casinos and online casinos that has been now brought on mobile devices through applications that mimics both game platforms. The French word ‘roulette’ which means ‘little wheel’ is available in European Roulette, French Roulette and American Roulette versions. There are no big differences on how roulette is played from these three variants but the first two have 0-36 while the American has an additional oo. At live roulette game outcomes are mainly determined by luck as the dealer spins the wheel and throw the ball at different directions while on mobile or online gaming they use random number generators to draw the winning number.

The closest when it comes to working roulette on iOS platform will be the Roullette 3D from Viaden Enterprises that’s great for iPhone and iPad casual gaming.


  • 3 Roulette Tables in European, French and American
  • Real 3D animation
  • Dealer’s voice guide you through the game
  • Leaderboard from Game Center
  • 26 achievements
  • Roulette’s rules, history and strategy

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First you can always think about that it’s 3-in-1 game app, with choices of French, European and American roulette tables. You will start with 5000 credits, with a max bet of 500 per spin. There’s no in-app buy more credits. If you lose it all, you can simply reset. The interface is easy to use, just drag and drop chips to where you’d like to bet and hit the wheel button.

Game options include; Male or Female voice, music and sound levels, and game speed. Not to mention, that the dealer’s voice will guide you on placing bets and claim your winning bets just like in real casino throughout the game.

You can also compete with your Game Center buddies and unlock achievements.

And treat as a bonus are bunch of game strategy, history and rules free within the game to bring train you to be a roulette pro.




Roulette 3D is compatible and available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and on Mac.