iPhone 6 Casing Leaked

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As if all the iPhone 6 rumours aren’t enough, and as if we’ll ever get enough, here’s another one from the folks at Feld & Volk. They are a company that makes luxury variants of Apple iPhones and iPads.

In a YouTube video published recently, Feld & Volk showcased what they claim to be the casing of the upcoming iPhone 6. While undoubtedly still a work in progress, with all cut-outs yet to be finished, the leaked casing seems to be very consistent with all the other circulating rumours about the upcoming iPhone and what have been in Gearbest.com iphone 6 Cases.

The video suggests an all-metal design that is consistent with the design language used in the iPhone 5C: curvy edges at the back, which is also quite reminiscent of the old iPod Touch. Also noteworthy is the Apple logo area that is cut out, suggesting that this could be filled by a separate insert for added touch.

The new iPhone’s ports such as the Lightning port and the 3.5mm headphone jack seem to be placed at the same locations as previous versions. Unfortunately though, there is still not cut out for the camera lens, which means this casing might have been “stolen” mid-production.

Weeks back, rumours started circulating that we ought to expect two display sizes on the upcoming iPhone 6: a 4.7 inch one and a larger, phablet-sized one. Other reports also suggest that in terms of color options, we should expect the same silver, dark grey and gold options in the new iPhone with accessories in just around $3-$10.

As Apple’s fall announcement comes even closer, we should expect more leaks to surface that will be closer to what we could get from the company’s newest offering. And you, dear readers, should expect that we will be delivering on those for your satisfaction, so stay tuned!

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