iPhone 6’s prices and September 19 release date leaked

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 Apple’s next generation iPhone 6 has again manage to set expectation of September 19 launch in a leaked of a promotional flyer from China which has been posted by GSM Insider from a Chinese user’s Weibo account.

iPhone 6 flyer

The flyer shown above is said to be the purported flyer showing iPhone 6’s release date to be September 19th along with the pricing details for both models.

 The flyer suggested prices for both 4.7 and 5.5 -inch iPhone 6 models of CNY 5,288(850USD) and CNY 6,288(1013USD), respectively. Note that these prices are just direct conversions from CNY, but you can assume that the prices should be around the current iPhone 5S range.

If you’ll examine closely, the circulated rumors about the iPhone 6 has been printed on this flyer, with the two new sizes and form –and nowadays, this type of flyer can be printed in a snap. As well the rumored date suggested in the flyer has been in the rumor mill earlier, which pretty match the trend when Apple normally release new iPhones.

Meanwhile, while we are waiting for solid leaks, we can just wait for just several weeks and surely, Tim will be letting us know the real deal for the next iteration of iPhone.

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