iPhone 6’s Sapphire Front Panel Durability Test [Video]

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iPhone 6 Sapphire display

The saga continues with the upcoming iPhone 6 as it nears the day it’ll be officially released —-a purported video to demo a supposedly Sapphire crystal front panel of the smartphone has gone viral. Check out the video after the virtual jump.

Sonny Dickson is a reputable source on this matter based from his background, and from this video he’s doing a durability test for the supposedly iPhone 6 sapphire crystal front panel –in which might have a good chance to be true. However, the panel seemed to be from a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 which is in contrary with the earlier rumor that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will feature a sapphire crystal display. This might just gave us a hint, that the smaller version of iPhone 6 will also have the sapphire display.

Do you think the iPhone 6 versions will feature a sapphire display? Let us know your comment below.

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