Utilising iPhone security apps to protect personal information

As the smartphone market continues to grow and expand, consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on security software and applications to protect their personal information.

A high percentage of the information stored on a smartphone or similar device is extremely sensitive. Both individuals and businesses are eager to ensure that stringent security measures are taken to prevent the theft of such information.

Many businesses now operate a system whereby employees are encouraged to use their own devices during working hours to enhance their own performance levels. The advantage of this particular system is largely due to the increased efficiency of the employee as they have access to any relevant information wherever they go. The negative side of this concerns the decrease in security and in particular the possibility of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

iPhone Security Apps

Security measures for mobile users

For decades, IT departments at major companies have implemented their own security measures to ensure that their systems are protected against viruses and password theft. Companies such as NCC, a major internet security and auditing company, provide professional security and testing services that offer total protection with regards to critical information, data and applications.

However, the increased usage of personal devices within the workplace means that additional security measures are being increasingly sought.

Security apps

There are a multitude of iPhone security apps available for download that can drastically improve the security levels of each device. These applications can be downloaded, installed on the device and used to protect sensitive information of both a personal and professional nature.

Some of the key security apps which are available include:

  • Password protection: some of the most popular security apps concern password protection. There are currently a number of apps that store all passwords in a secure place. Access to the password database can only be gained by entering the master password associated with the account.
  • Safe-browsing: another useful security application is the safe-browsing filter which removes inappropriate, dangerous or infected content and links. This type of application is particularly useful for people that use their smartphone at work but concerned parents can also utilise this type of application to protect their children from inappropriate online content.
  • Theft protection: finally, some of the most popular security applications relate to the loss or theft of a device. Apps can allow people to track their phones, lock handsets to prevent them being uses and even erase all data on the phone. This ensures that sensitive data can be protected and, if necessary, deleted via a simple command.