How to Get More out of your iPhone’s Battery Life

There are lots of different tips and tweaks that you can make to your iPhone to improve its battery life.

Some are more well-known than others such as reducing your screen’s brightness or turning off Bluetooth when you do not need it, however there are lots of other tweaks you can make which you may not be aware of.

As our iPhones have developed so quickly over the past seven years, our iPhone batteries have not quite kept up to the pace of the demands we have placed upon them with the multitude of apps and functions they can carry out. This has often led to the fact that there are often lots of complaints about smartphone battery life.

For most iPhone users the following tips will help significantly with improving battery life:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi when you are away from your normal Wi-Fi networks
  2. Disable Automated App Updates
  3. Disable Auto Brightness and Adjust Brightness Manually to around 25%
  4. Disable non-essential location related services
  5. Keep your iPhone up to date with the latest iOS release

Ligo Electronics in the UK have compiled lots of different recommendations for a wide range of smartphone devices, by simply selecting your phones make and model you will be given specific instructions pertaining to that device. The interactive battery tool was inspired by a recent trip by one of the company’s directors to London as he was worried about keeping his phone going all day while he was visiting various clients.