Best iOS Apps For Taking Selfies

Do we need to explain how the word “selfie” made it as the ‘Word of the Year in 2013’ of Oxford Dictionaries with the highlights of Obama and Ellen DeGeneres famous selfies.

There’s no doubt majority of mobile users have taken their own selfies for sure and most of smartphone makers have already jumped into the bandwagon of selfie takers. And Nokia had just thrown its bet into market of selfie phones with its Windows Phone 8.1 running Lumia 730 Dual Sim affordably made for doing what most people do. You can check out this selfie phone have to offer in a video below.

However, the Lumia 730 might be a little late, or let’s say Nokia on this trend, but hey, atleast the company is still thriving to put a healthy competition in the market. And if we are talking about dominance in the market, you can’t question Apple’s iPhone incredible presence and ecosystem that has became a yardstick for mobile trend and design.

Now let’s stop the lengthy introduction and proceed on the three best iPhone apps on taking selfies:



GorillaCam is a free app and aimed to be used with a GorrillaPod or monopods(like to what we normally see these days) where it features a self-timer and rapid-fire burst modes. The self-timer works that you don’t need to snap the button of your iPhone(mostly producing blurry images) where the app provides you with enough time to position the camera and yourself to take the photos and the latter with same idea but it takes multiple shots where you can pick the best one or your favorite candid shots.



Frontback is another free app that works like Sammy’s smartphone(you know that) where you get two photos from your main and front camera into one. For this app, you can try to have creative selfies where you can capture catchy images from both cameras and easily share it through Facebook, Twitter or Tumbler.



Everyday is a paid app that acts as a reminder for you to take your selfie for the day or even for different period in a day. Then you can compile these images to create an animated movies based from these timeline. You can easily edit the images and center it on the provided gridlines to have a cinematic effect when those selfies appear in series. You can also share this animation through the known social media sites.

Images grabbed from App Store.