How to decide which betting app for your iOS devices?

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Type “betting apps” into Google, then take a deep breath and see what you’re bombarded with. It’s simply bamboozling – and this is great news for tech-savvy punters.

You see – there’s a mad scramble going on out there for your custom for all forms of betting in particular. This is because the market is continuing to grow exponentially as more of us get to grips with what betting apps are all about – and understand just how easy they are to use.

But the bigger picture is even, well…, bigger! That’s because some markets are far more mature and developed than others – which are really only just beginning to open up.

The UK, in particular, has what is probably the most sophisticated and professional betting market in the world – and this is also true in the online space in general and for apps specifically. This is because there is no tax for gamblers in the UK and it’s also a completely free and privately-based market.


The country is also home to some of the most gambled-on football and racing events on the planet. The Grand National is huge as is the Premier League – and the Cheltenham Festival in March is a four-day jamboree for gamblers the world over. At for example, the website’s traffic ramps up in the weeks leading up to Cheltenham each year as punters go looking for news – and betting value, ad special offers, and so on.

Overall, then, this is why the UK is, by quite some distance, the biggest gambling market in Europe.

It’s a huge distance ahead of Germany in second place; for example, despite the latter country’s larger population (Germany currently has around 81 million versus the UK’s 63 million population). So as the song goes, if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere – and the really big prizes that are up for grabs are Far East markets, particularly China, and the United States.

In China, gambling is largely illegal as it is in the USA in all but a very few states. But the advent of the web and of tech-savvy punters means that people are finding ways around their state or country laws and gambling anyway – sometimes illegally so, sometimes via simple trusted relationships with friends in other countries.

And those states want a slice of the potential tax revenues all those billions of potential gamblers could bring. In other words – the Internet may mean de-regulation kind of “has” to happen anyway.

So why is all this such good news for gambling apps? Well because there’s a huge amount of free money available simply by downloading the apps and having a free bet here and there – and why not take advantage of the global competition as in many cases, there’s literally nothing to lose?

If you’re a more sophisticated punter, meanwhile, for whom gambling is a serious business – then there are also many different apps available to inform your strategy. This could be ways of trading international markets such as the foreign exchange market, stock markets via individual equities of through various indices, commodities or whatever – or it could be just about your chosen sport(s). Most of these apps are designed carefully to help you win and are available at a price – though here again the highly competitive nature of the market means they’re usually available on a free trial basis.

So put that together with a little free cash and again ask yourself; why not? You never know, you might just have what it takes to be really good at this stuff if you’re tech savvy enough. And if you find that you aren’t, c’est la vie; at least you’ll either have lost nothing but had a new experience – or what should be a meaninglessly small amount of cash if you’ve been sensible about things, taken up the free offers and put in a tiny amount of your own for the “experiment” only.

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