Apple’s Decision To Allow Online Casinos Proves Wise According To Industry Experts

Apple’s Decision To Allow Online Casinos Proves Wise

The online casino industry has been growing rapidly since its launch in the early 2000s. However, despite this lucrative sector of the global gambling industry contributing an increasing percentage of the market’s estimated $100 billion dollar revenue, mobile platforms have been hesitating to exhibit online casinos on their online stores.

It was only in 2013 that Apple’s American App Store, the biggest in the world, finally agreed to carry apps that offered real money gambling. Even then, this decision was only made because of a policy change that provided a solid legal framework to ensure users and provider were equally protected.


A Wise Decision

Despite Apple opening its door to online casino apps, one of its major competitors has not followed suit. Google Play is the second largest app provider in the USA, and the fastest growing, yet has so far refused to offer real money gambling apps in the USA.

Considering that websites such as, which attracts millions of users each month with its best Microgaming casinos, are posting increasingly high profits, it seems that Google’s decision may prove a foolish one. With Pure Microgaming and others now offering iPhone compatible online casinos, and these proving incredibly popular, Android-based customers are now becoming frustrated at the lack of support on their own platform. This could potentially lead to a desertion of the platform by the growing number of online gambling fans.



The Figures Speak for Themselves

With both online casinos and mobile interfaces becoming increasingly popular, it only made sense that eventually these two emerging forces would combine. According to Juniper Research, by 2018 the number of online gamblers using mobile platforms could reach 164 million, with a revenue of $100 billion dollars being made from this demographic. With mobile devices becoming the common platform for the public to access the web, it is crucial to both the online casino and app industries that the two cooperate.


The Experts Agree

This sentiment is echoed by industry expert Per Eriksson. Eriksson, who has worked for several major online gambling websites, highlighted the importance of adopting mobile platforms in a recent interview, “because now you can play casino games wherever you are.”

He also stressed that “Apple and all the other mobile devices are very important for our industry. It’s incremental revenues coming in for us.”

Whilst the mobile sector presently only accounts for 13% of online casinos’ revenue, Eriksson is convinced that with the recent opening of the Apple App market, this percentage could rise as high as 60%. So it appears that Google Play’s loss is most certainly Apple’s and the online casino industry’s gain.