GoCam Feat. aBubbl App Review[Sponsored]

‘Selfie’ has been one of the massively enjoyed activities of most mobile users including popular people like the president, Ellen and even the Pope. And you know, this trend will most likely will continue for next several years from improving social, mobile and internet technologies. If your business is inline and seemed to be bullish, why not ride the wave –this likely the case with Crunchfish and its GoCam feat. aBubbl iOS app, to provide the newest and ‘touchless’ way of capturing and sharing photos.

These are the few steps you need to make sure to have your GoCam works and instantly share photos or videos to other app users on your bubble.

First make sure that the following iOS settings are setup accordingly after downloading the application:

  1. Allow access to your iPhone or iPad’s camera, this ensures GoCam can control your device camera through hand gestures
  2. Allow GoCam to access your photos for the app to save photos on your gallery
  3. Allow access to your location and Bluetooth, these settings will allow GoCam to send and receive photos or videos from other GoCam users from its allowable range.
  4. Ensure that aBubbl is working when sharing photos/videos

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Once these setups are done, now you can start taking a photos through hand gestures, a slight wave of your hand will help GoCam to detect you(especially in low light). You can use the touchless controls from 30cm up to distance of 3 meters.

This application is mainly fun to use with your friends, in which you can take your selfie in a geek-ish hand gesture and invite them to download GoCam so you can simultaneously share those photos or videos with them. You also easily edit the photos before sharing it on your bubble with the GoCam’s built-in tools, filters and Aviary’s stickers.

You can learn more of its features through the demo video below:

In the end, even there’s Airdrop available for iOS users, GoCam feat. aBubbl iOS app is still worth-a-try for its fun and exciting way on capturing and sharing photos especially it’s free and downloading it would not take time. You can also easily ask your family and friends to try it for you to have an instant bubble to share.

You can download the app at the App Store(images credit) and know more about the touchless interaction with Crunchfish.

This post has been sponsored by Crunchfish, but concerns our own opinion.