Siemens Unconventially Launches Sirius Act[Sponsored]

Macro product shots. Colorful imagery. Hyperbole statements by actors and actresses about how great the product is. How they are impressed by it. And how they haven’t seen anything like it. Ever.

Sounds familiar? If you have watched the product presentations of the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Google & Samsung the past few years, then you most probably have seen something similar to what I just described. In this day and age, with consumer electronics and mobile apps dominating the technology space, overhyped marketing campaigns have been the norm. Companies the world over all are trying to convince us, ordinary consumers, that their latest and greatest products will yield life changing results on our day-to-day lives. Of course, some of these campaigns work, most don’t.

That’s why we can’t fault Siemens, one of today’s dinosaur tech companies that are still alive and kicking, to try the same approach when they launched a few weeks back their latest controlling and signalling line of devices called Sirius Act. In a faux documentary, or mockumentary as they say, Siemens, through the website, boasted of their so-called Sirius Act Productions special about, well, Sirius Act.

A behind-the-scenes banner dominates the site’s main fold, with testimonials of Sirius Act, apparently the production’s lead character. The director talks about how great it was working with Sirius Act, with his co-stars following suit in the praising bandwagon. Three other videos, which are supposedly the main documentary, conveys the product as something from outer space, a master martial artist and a precious gem all the same time. Kinda out of the blue and unexpected if you ask me, but hey, at least it got us entertained.

So, what exactly is Sirius Act? In a nutshell, Sirius Act is Siemens’ latest suite of modular command and signaling devices meant for front-panel mounting and compatible with a slew of rear-mounted electrical modules. There are currently four variants of the front-panel mountings: 22mm plastic version with black plastic front ring, 22mm plastic version with metal front ring, 22mm shiny metal version with metal front ring, and 30mm matte metal version with metal front ring. These could then be paired with a number of modules on the rear end.

Sirius Act features a number of key advantages compared to its competition including easy handling, durability and modularity. It is IP69K certified, boasts of modules with explosion protection built in, and a mechanical service life of at least 10×10^6 switching cycles.

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