Apple’s Latest iPhone SE – Finally a New 4″ iPhone!


It’s been two years since Apple decided to give up on the 4″ screen, moving to a much larger form factor with the iPhone 6. The decision was seen as the right one for many, allowing the Cupertino giant to work its way back to the top on the mobile gaming front. Because I think this was the main reason for it to release a large screen handset: games. Whether it’s the latest MMO, or the Royal Vegas Apple iphone casino games, they look much better on a larger screen. So Apple decided to give people what they want: a large screen and a strong hardware to back it.

But, as usual, not all users were satisfied. The iPhone is a reliable handset, with a feature set that’s talk of the trade. Gaming and multimedia are extremely important for one of its user segments, but not for all of them. Some users simply don’t see the point of large-screen, high power “phablets”. But there are many others that had real issues with the new, large-screen iPhone 6, and chose to stick with their trusted iPhone 4 or 5 instead.

The issues with the large phones might not be obvious for the everyday user. While the big-screen iPhone 6S Plus is a great handset to play on, and much better than a 4″ one to see videos and pictures, it fails when it comes to operating it with one hand. Not to mention people with smaller hands, who find it real difficult even to use a 4.7″ handset. But the issues with firmly gripping a large-screen phone are also among the wows of Apple users.

But these are not the only reasons why a smaller-screen iPhone is justified. There are a significant number of iPhone users that want to use their phone as a… phone. The iPhone 6S Plus is a perfect portable computer, capable of showing us videos with an incredible quality, allowing us to play games with ease, and to show off photos to others. But as a phone, a small-inch model works much better. A 4″ phone is easier to grip. It is also easier to be put in a pocket or a bag. And if you don’t use it for reading, browsing the web or playing games too much, you have no need for a large screen. Not even a 4.7″ one.

So, the iPhone SE was born, replacing the iPhone 5S which was released almost three years ago. It is the upgrade many users have hoped for – a more powerful handset with Apple Pay, Touch ID, and some other improvements. Basically it’s a beefed up iPhone 5S. Which is great for those who want to use their iPhone as an actual phone. And in the pocket of their trousers…