Apple will likely to sell its one billionth iPhone milestone


Back in November 2014, the Cupertino-giant has sold it’s 1 billionth iOS devices but today the firm is out to hit another glorified milestone with its iPhone hitting its 1 billionth mark.

When Apple debuted the iPhone 3Gs in 2008, the company recorded more than 1 million sold in just one weekend which disapproved analysts assumption that the demand for the device would be that high. And the cycle continues for 7 years, garnering impressive sales number. Just this September, record-breaking 13 million iPhone 6s were sold on a weekend launch.

And you won’t be waiting that long, the iPhone 7 is just around the corner and it’s expected to again rake those previous sales records.

Right now, Apple have already sold 896 million iPhones between the original iPhone launch and the end of 2015 calendar year. If everything will go well, the 1 billionth iPhone is expected to be sold later this summer.

For sure, we’ll be hearing more about this milestone when the iPhone hit the mark, and hopefully, they will give the lucky buyer something to commemorate the 1 billionth iPhone.