Slimmer Apple Watch 2 this June


In his tour at China’s tech and manufacturing firm, Apple analyst Brian White of Wall Street firm Drexel Hamilton, has just reported that we can expect significantly slimmer next-gen of Apple wearable devices.

In this light, the Apple Watch 2 that is expected to be debuted this summer will be 40-percent slimmer than the original Apple Watch. The timing for the introduction for the Apple Watch 2 is seemed to be in between the intro of iPhone SE and iPhone 7, in contrary to earlier reports that it will be unveiled along with the next-gen iPhone.

In addition to its sleek design the Apple Watch 2 is reported to feature new modular smart band that includes a GPS receiver and wireless charging battery packs. A patent about the new strap design with installed electronic devices was published and it seems to be in-time for the Apple Watch 2.