They still love the four-incher iPhone SE


Apple have just released its four-incher iPhone SE last month and it seems though it’s not hyped to have those next-gen flashy features, the smartphone has been sold out from various online retailers. You need to wait until new smartphone arrives on April 27th.

Most Apple Stores have no available iPhone SE models for purchase, same scenarios from different online stores with delivery arriving by April 12th while most of the models will be shipping by April 20th. You might have expected that since the iPhone SE is just a mix of old and new parts from existing iPhone models, Apple could have easily made enough to supply the initial high demand. Unless, the company have waited for enough consumer reaction to cost-efficiently produce new smartphone units.

Indeed, these happenings shows that they still love the grip-able 4-incher iPhone. For some consumers, four inches is the perfect size —-in a survey released before they debuted iPhone SE, in the US, around fifth of the consumers questioned said that they still prefer a 4-inch iPhone.

If this trend will continue, the iPhone SE could contribute really well on early hitting the one billion iPhone sales milestone.