Apple has tripled its R&D budget to 10 billion for a possible iCar

Apple iCar

Have you ever thought of Apple creating its own iCar? Feasible —-knowing Apple’s innovation-approach on its product development. And as we speak the company has spent 10 billion dollars in research and development cost which is more than triple of what it spent in four years at only 3 billion dollars. The staggering increase in R&D costs does only suggest of Apple brewing something big on its lab, much bigger that a new iPhone, iPad or any Mac devices.

In a recent BBC interview with Ford’s Mark Fields claims that the future rivals of the company may not be the likes of BMW and Audi, but instead tech companies like Google and Apple.

According from Fields’ explaination, Ford’s working assumption is that Apple is indeed building a car, and that the assumption provides Ford with “the right motivation to make sure we stay very focused not only on the product but overall on the experience that the customer has interacting with the product and the services that we have.

On this focused effort, Ford has just opened its own technology business in Palo Alto where they can work on advance autonomous self-driving cars and IoT companies to see how people interact with their vehicles.

If big company like Ford predicting the future competition with an Apple iCar then we might see Tim driving it on stage on its debut.