Apple is reportedly building an Echo-like Siri speaker


You already heard about Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo and Dot speakers and its interactive home capabilities. Now, in a report of The Information looks like Apple is developing a Siri-powered home speaker as well. Notably, Apple is also reportedly opening Siri up to third-party apps so developers can finally tap into the voice assistant.

The report also points that the Siri SDK could arrive as early as June during Apple’s annual WWDC conference. Yelp had already gained access to the voice assistant in an earlier deal with Apple and through SDK developers can utilize Siri integration. This will not limit Siri within Apple’s ecosystem but improve to further integration such as the big data on social media platforms.

It’s reported also that Siri speaker has been in development long before Echo with its known features to control home appliances via Apple’s HomeKit and perform some tasks with automated bots.