HTML5 and Native Apps Optimization on iOS Gaming

Technological advances enabled a lot of things. They made our lives a lot easier and more comfortable. Just look at the advances in mobile technology, led by Apple. Our iPhones and iPads today serve a lot more purposes than they did in the past. We are able to complete a lot of our daily tasks using our phones and tablets. But nowhere is this progress more obvious than in the field of entertainment. One of the main uses of phones and tablets nowadays is entertainment.html5-for-ios8

Mobile casino applications are very popular and millions of users have them installed on their iPhones and iPads. And downloading is so easy, you can simply download mobile casinos from the App Store. Another variant is to open a casino website in your mobile browser. Some operators chose to develop a special mobile casino app, a native app, whereas other companies offer an HTML5 optimised website that supports mobile devices. Some offer both options and let the players choose.

Is This Still an Issue?

The debate HTML5 vs. Native App is not new and it is not limited strictly to online casino gaming. In fact, there probably isn’t a discussion between developers where this subject isn’t brought up. It has to be noted that both native apps and HTML5 optimisation got a lot better in the past few years and the debate isn’t as fiery as it used to be. Also, it is much easier to develop both a native app and optimise your website, so a lot of operators now feature both versions.

What Is HTML5

Utilising HTML5 technology is still the simplest way for operators to provide their customers with an opportunity to play casino games online. HTML5 is the successor of HTML4 and its latest and full version was introduced towards the end of 2014. It is so successful because it, in fact, uses both XHTML and HTML elements. It allows casino operators to make their websites mobile-friendly a lot faster and at a much lower cost. On top of that, if there is a need for improvements, amendments or updates, they can be done pretty quickly. There’s no need to optimise the website twice, once for iPhones and once for iPads, as it adjusts to the type of the screen of the device in question. HTML5 definitely succeeded in becoming more used that other similar technologies. Steve Jobs warned us about Flash, and it seems that he was right.

There’s a Slight Difference

Native mobile apps are a bit different. They are developed as separate apps and they need to be downloaded. Often, operators develop one app for iPhones and one app for iPads. Also, if the operator wants to offer its casino across other operating systems, then separate apps have to be developed for them. Developing native apps takes a bit more time and resources. Operators have to hire developers who know what they’re doing if they want their apps to be user friendly.

It Is a Matter of Preference, more or less

Many players will say that Native apps run more smoothly and generally provide better gaming experience. It has been said that native apps give you a feeling as if the games were actually developed for a mobile device, which is essentially true. On the other hand, with HTML5 apps you don’t have to download anything, all you need to do is open a website. Plus, it might get a bit complicated if you want to play at multiple online casinos, as you’d have to download each and every app.

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In general, it is all a matter of preference. In the past HTML5 weren’t up to the level of Native, but developing Native apps was a lot more expensive and this discouraged some of the operators. Nowadays, both Native apps and HTML5 can be of high quality and allow you play some high-quality casino games on your iPhone or iPad.